Hot Lunch Program 


The cost of hot lunch is $15EC or $20EC per day based on your selection and as always MUST be pre-order at least two days in advance and this includes pre-ordering for Friday Pizza (Pizza Boys Pizza) so that we can insure we have enough food for everyone.


Please note: the vegan options are indicated with an (*), are provided by Ital Creations and will include fresh produce, homemade/oven baked patties and nuggets, NO SOY and ALL Vegan (with the exception of cheese when indicated).


To preorder please email Ms. Berry at


Menu Starting in Term 3 (April 29th, 2019)



*Wraps (includes a Whole wheat tortilla , cheese , baked veggie patties and fresh salad with honey mustard dressing) and juice $20EC 

*Veggie burgers (Whole wheat burger bread, baked veggie patties and salad with honey mustard dressing) and juice $20EC

*Green smoothies (made from bananas, moringa and coconut milk )

   - Original $10

   - Banana & strawberries  $12



Hot Dog served with an orange and juice.$15EC


*Brown Rice and vegetables, Stew peas (pink beans or lentils) & Juice $20EC



Pasta served with ground chicken or sauce with garden vegetables, an apple and juice. $15EC



*Sweet Potato / Breadfruit Pie Filled with Yellow Split Peas & Juice $20EC 



Tuna or Cheese sandwiches served with baby carrots and juice. $15EC 


*Red Sauce Pesto with Whole Wheat Pasta, Salad  & Juice $20EC  



Beef or chicken burger served with watermelon and juice. $15EC


*Brown Rice and vegetables, Chick peas in pumpkin stew and salad & Juice $20EC



Domino's Pizza & Juice. $15EC