Located on the beautiful and vibrant Caribbean island of St. Kitts, St. Kitts International Academy is a grade K-12 International School where students are able to appreciate and develop a bright vision of the future, a willing spirit to do better and the determination to contribute to the world around us.


We are a progressive, international-based, cross-curricular school that offers a rigorous academic and social environment.  St. Kitts International Academy produces intellectually disciplined students who actively apply skills and knowledge to guide their beliefs and actions.


Upcoming Events at SKI Academy:

Upcoming Events


September 2nd - 1st day of school

September 5th - Parent Orientation 5-6pm

September 10th - High School Parent Orientation 5-6pm

September 16 - National Heroes Day (No School)

September 19 - Independence Day (No School)

September 20 - School Independence Celebration (wear your national colors)

September 23 - International Day of Peace celebration (wear white or peace signs)

Week of September 23 - Parent/Teacher Conferences (Schedule with individual teachers)

Week of October 14 - Spirit Week (Activities to be scheduled by Student Council)

October 21 - Mid-Term Break (No School)

October 31 - Halloween Parade (in school)

November 15 - Teacher In-Service Day (No School)

December 6 - Last day of Term 1 - Report Cards Distributed


School Events 2019-2020

September - Caught Being Good Celebration!


One of our new initiatives this year at S.K.I. Academy is our 'Caught Being Good" program.  With this program all members of our team are in search of kids going above and beyond to demonstrate kindness, compassion and perseverance.  Once they are 'caught' they are awarded a token that says "I Was Caught Being Good."


On the last day of each month students get to trade in their tokens for chances in our monthly drawing.  25 students are selected and we then have a fun celebration.  This is meant to be an added incentive in our program - the children are all commended for their good deeds and we, as a school community, could not be more proud of all of our students.  This month the celebration was an ice cream & pool party. 

School Spelling Bee 

(In preparation for the Rotary Bee)


Once again, students in grades 4 and up that met the age requirements for the Rotary Spelling Bee participated in a school-wide bee.  The competition was fierce as students entered 8 elimination rounds.  


The winner was Ersheen from grade 6.  Ersheen will represent the school at the Rotary Spelling Bee on October 17th at the ECCB Auditorium at 4:00pm.  All students and parents are encouraged to come cheer her on!

Grades 1-3 Spelling Bee


In preparation for the Rotary Club annual Spelling Bee that Grades 4-6 participate in, the students in grades 1-3 host their own practice bee.  


Each grade level held their own in-cl;ass bee and the top three spellers advanced to the K-3 Bee.  The students did an amazing job and impressed their teachers and classmates.  Emerging victorious was Brandon Brisbane in Grade 3.  Congratulations to all of our spellers!

Climate Strike


On September 20th, millions of people and students around the world went out on streets in over 130 countries to express their dissatisfaction with political inaction regarding climate change.  This was the first day in a week long campaign of awareness where students purposefully missed school to speak out.  


After learning of these examples, students from our school decided to join forces in a display of solidarity with youth from all over the world.  The students, feeling personally concerned by the lack of urgent action to prevent climate change, wished to share their commitment to climate protection.  In this light they organized a school-wide demonstration which was held on Friday, September 27th.  Parents were also invited to show their support at the event.


ZIZ, one of our local broadcasting companies covered the event and a feature article was released about the climate strike.   

Student Council Elections

Student Council elections were held for the four Executive Board officer positions.  In order to run for the Executive Board students need to be in grades 9-12.  Under the direction of Ms. Terry & Mr. Ade the Student Council has a new process for elections.   Students were required to write a letter of interest and have teacher and parent approval before beginning the campaign process.  Once approved, students needed to put up posters and also write a campaign speech.  Students campaigned for about a week.

Students in grades 4 and up went through a similar process in campaigning for the homeroom representative positions as well.  Those elections were held within their classroom.


The electoral process mirrored that of the local elections here in the Federation.  Students entered the polling station and had to share their name with the clerk (thanks to our parent volunteers).  At the next checkpoint they were given a ballot and instructions on how to successfully complete the same.  At the third station, they went into the voting booth, cast their ballot and placed it into the ballot box.  The final step before leaving the polling station was to have their finger inked.


Congratulations to our Executive Board:

President: Kamilla

Vice-President: Sofia

Treasurer - Jacob

Secretary - Shechaniah

International Day of Peace


This year St. Kitts International Academy stood with people around the globe in observance of the International Day of Peace..  This observance started in 1981 and was endorsed by the United Nations as a day for all of humanity to commit to peace above all else.  In some war-torn areas ceasefire agreements are even honored so relief efforts can be brought to the people.

At our school we wore white (the international color of peace) and black and invited parents to join us to form a human peace sign.  


Students in grades K-3 went to Windsor University School of Medicine to spread the message of peace with their students and colleagues.  Grades 4-8 shared tokens with each other that they made to encourage peace amongst our school community as well.  


We also unveiled our 'Peace Wall' in the cafeteria.  The message "May Peace Prevail on Earth' was put on display, surrounding a map of the world, in either different languages.


SKNVibes Press Release on International Day of Peace

Independence Celebration


Our school had a huge celebration to ring in the 26th anniversary of Independence for the beautiful Federation of St. Kitts & Nevis! 


The children put together a formal program in which all grade levels shared songs, information about the Federation and shared how St. Kitts is special to them.  The presentation was kicked off by a steel pan band.  In the afternoon we he had a special treat for the children including a beautiful St. Kitts themed cake, Johnny Cakes, sugar cakes, guava cheese, saltfish rolls and a local drink. 


Then the surprises started rolling in starting with Mr., Phipps and Mr. Williams from the Ministry of Culture performed for us on the drums and trumpet.  Following this performance was a visit from the Masquerades and the Mocko Jumbies.  It was truly an amazing day at our school!

Social Studies Excitement!


In alignment with our newly adopted Social Studies curriculum we have recently purchased new curriculum materials to align to the standards.  The new framework moves away from a Canadian focus to a global curriculum that is more in tune with the needs of our diverse international community.  

In grades 4 & 5 students will be exploring the Eastern and Western Hemispheres.  In grades 6 & 7 they are exploring Ancient Civilizations and the Medieval World.  Our new textbooks from McGraw Hill have students and teachers in grades 4-7 even more excited about learning!

The Golden Trash Cash Award


In an effort to keep our school more beautiful and clean,, this year we introduced the Golden Trash Can Award.  Ms. Ancilla helps facilitate this award each week to the class most deserving of the title.  

The award is given during lunchtime.  Thus far, the competition has been fierce.  The Golden Trash Can is a coveted trophy.


Week 1: Grade 5

Week 2: Grade 8

Week 3: Grade 7

Week 4: Grade 2

OSSLT Success!


Each year grade 10 students must take the Ontario Secondary Schools Literacy Test.  We were delighted to get back all passing results for our students.  To celebrate, we threw a pizza party!  

First Day Fun 2019-2020


The first day of school is always an exciting time for teachers and students.  This year the entire S.K.I. Team was at the gate to welcome and greet students and parents.  It was a great start to the year to have the chance to take pictures with our new sign and welcome everyone to the new school year!

SKI Academy Events 2018-19!

Mrs. A Receives National Award!

Our very own Mrs. Andrea was one of only five teachers in the federation who was selected as a recipient of the Sports Department Award of Excellence for 2019!  The award was specific to her investment in the Primary Football League, but we know that her care and concern in all areas of life at SKI are the real reason to celebrate her success!  On behalf of all the students and staff at SKI Academy, we say a big THANKS to Mrs. A for all she has done this year and all of her years at SKI.  Congratulations from all of us!

Super Successful Spirit Week!!

Spirit Week 2019

We're celebrating the awesome students and staff at SKI during the week of June 3-7!  There'll be daily activities to foster camaraderie and school spirit and days to dress up as well.  Let's have some fun while we cherish what it means to be an amazing student at SKI Academy!! 


MONDAY, JUNE 3rd: Grades K-2, 11-12 - Twins Day!  Find a friend and dress the same!

                       Grades 3-10 - Mama Dojo performance at Royal St. Kitts

TUESDAY, JUNE 4th: Swinging at SKI! Come dressed in your classy clothes, but try to make it match you 

                           House Team colours...then we'll enjoy a school dance at 3:00!

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 5th: Heroes of the Environment Day - Dress as a Superhero and help clean the beach in


THURSDAY, JUNE 6th: "Laughter - noon" at SKI!  Lets the jokes fly and the hilarity ensue in this afternoons

                           session of jokes and funny stories!

FRIDAY, JUNE 7th: Spirit and Sports!  Dome dressed in house shirts ans colours as we enjoy some great

                      games and activities in the afternoon.  We'll celebrate our SKI Football players with 

                      awards presentations and then the Parent vs. Player match and BBQ after school!

SKI Academy Talent Showcase a Great Success!

On the last day of Term 2, the students conducted a wildly successful Talent Showcase for our families and friends.  All in attendance were thrilled to see such a diverse and talented student body perform amazing acts, both as collective classes and as individual student performers. There were wonderful dancers, actors, singers, musicians, and even Bobble-Heads!  The teachers even got into the act again this year!  A huge thanks goes out to all our families for coming out to this annual event; the sponsors for our raffle prizes; the 3 student emcees: Isa, Isabella and Nile; Mr. Moar and Mr. Dorsey for putting in such a great effort in organizing this amazing event; and most importantly - all the teachers and students who performed for us on the evening!  It really was a magical event and one that we will not soon forget. 


Part 1 and Part 2 of the Showcase can be found here:    


Grade 6 Students Represent SKI at ROSS Medical Practitioners Week

Maria Challenger-Webster and Azaria Amritt, both of the Grade 6 class, were chosen to represent SKI Academy at the premier Ross University Medical Practitioners Week Science Fair that was held on Thursday, May 23rd at Independence Square.  These two students combined their SKI Science Fair projects into one cohesive presentation that reflects the importance of healthy water and its impact on plant systems - their project was entitled :"Healthy Water for Dynamic Plants" and we are all proud of their efforts in dedicating themselves to this important task.  Way to go, girls!!

Grade 3 - 5 Team Handball Intramurals

Another exciting competition in Team Handball was held during the last half of term 2; this time it was the Grades 3-5 in the spotlight!  The four House Teams competed against each other to achieve a higher seeding for the playoffs.  The Red Sharks defeated the Green Vipers in the first semi-finals; the Yellow Falcons bested the Blue Dolphins in the other semis. 


3rd Place Match: Tuesday April 2nd Green Vipers vs. Blue Dolphins

Championship Match: Wednesday, April 3rd Red Sharks vs. Yellow Falcons


Final Results: 1st Place - Red Sharks

                2nd Place - Yellow Falcons

                3rd Place - Blue Dolphins


Leap into Reading: The Success Continues!

Leap into Reading proved to be another successful endevour for the students and staff of SKI.  The school bested it's goal in terms of both reading minutes and monies raised.  There were events throughout the week that further inspired literacy and daily D.E.A.R.  Our top earner was Camille Hewlett-Hobson and her name will adorn the school library for the rest of the year.  Our top readers were Tahiyat Chy and Jeleyna Estrella and they received wonderful gift baskets and Scholastic gift certificates.  Congratulation to Ms. Dorsey on another successful literacy campaign and a big thanks to all our families for their support! An a final thanks to all the SKI students who made this week so spectacular - well done everyone!!  

Mr. Nigel Short, chess Grand Master, and SKN Chess Association visit SKI Academy

Nigel Short, M..B.E. and one of the youngest chess Grand Masters in history, paid a call to SKI Academy on Monday, March 11th.  Along with representatives of the SKN Chess Association, Mr. Short presented an assembly to the students of Gr. 7-12 in order to inspire future and present players.  Mr. Short is often referred to as 'Britain's Greatest Chess Player of the 20th Century!'  The group spoke about the importance of chess as not just a fun game to play, but also in developing mental capacity peripheral to the purely scholastic.  Chess is an unmitigated challenge of wits, but it is also accessible to anyone who dedicates themselves to the game.  SKI was very fortunate to have a speaker of Mr. Short's standing, and the students and staff were intrigued by his tales of being Britain's youngest Grand Master at the age of just 19!  We will be seeking ways to incorporate more chess in school and to eventually become a leader among the island schools.  

SKI Academy Steps Up at National Bank Primary School Track and Field Championships

     We wish to share some great news about out 43 student athletes who competed in the Championships yesterday and last night.  Those of us in attendance were thrilled to see our SKI students challenge themselves to be the best they could be and were rewarded with excellent results and personal bests.  Our student athletes represented themselves and their school with aplomb and we are all proud of them!

     The event went on quite late into the evening as a result of scheduling snafu's and weather delays, so we were not able to participate in the relay races.  However, prior to that, we had achieved the standing of 4th out of 7 schools, which is quite an accomplishment considering most of our entrants were still a few years younger than their competitors.  The racing and field events were exciting and the results were encouraging for the further development of athletics at SKI Academy.  

    Many thanks goes out to Mrs. A for coaching and training our school athletes; to her coaching partners who were equal to the task - Coaches Brandon Grayson, Kim Collins, and Paula Collins; to the SKI staff who were flexible in lending their students for additional practices; to the parent volunteers - Gilli Skerrit, Shawna Lake, Naeemah Hazel, Kerryanne Amritt and all parents for their continuing support for the extra-curricular activities in which we are invested.  

Bag Piper visits SKI Academy

Mr. Ross Jennings, a Scottish bag piper visited SKI Academy on Monday, March 4th to provide the students with insights into his world travels and life experiences.  Mr. Jennings is aiming to set a world record for bag piping in every country of the world - St' Kitts and Nevis was #95 on his list thus far!  Ross spoke to the student body about his travels and challenged the students to open their eyes and minds to a myriad perspective of social unity, belief in yourself, and faith in humanity.  They truly appreciated his discussion and then he thrilled the students with a performance outside on the basketball court.  Students were trying their step dancing techniques to his accompaniment and having a blast the whole time!


You can check our Ross's progress at his website www.thefirstpiper.com.

Field Trip to ICT Open Day

On Thursday, Feb 28th, the Grade 7-12 classes visited the Information Communications Technology Open Day at the Nat'l ICT offices on the Bay Road at the Paul Southwell Industrial Park.  There were displays of the latest tech innovations including robotics, 3D printing, and augmented reality displays.  The students were amazed to see these technologies in action and were inspired by the fact that this tech is available today and not just science fiction!  Getting hands on with technology allows students to access a world of possibilities for today and tomorrow.

Incredible Results from the Recycle Challenge!

     The students and staff of St. Kitts International (SKI) Academy appreciate the fact that the lessons we learn in school will inspire the habits we take with us through the rest of our lives.  To that end, the implementation of a recycling program was a next logical iteration of applicable learning for our school community. 

     Last year, the practical and hands-on appreciation for recycling materials was being integrated in several areas including some art lessons and daily work in the classroom and in projects, but SKI Academy realized the need to put into practice a much more rigorous and permanent action that would help solve the issue of waste management on our island.  To kick off our first campaign, SKI invited Mr. Donnie Bristol, from The Admiral’s Enterprises Ltd., to the school to have a discussion with the students about the importance of recycling, the current recycling initiatives on the island, and what materials could be collected for recycling.  The students were inspired to bring in their household plastics and corrugated cardboard for collections by Admirals, and we soon had enough material coming in to necessitate a weekly collection.

     This year, in order to further inspire the commitment to cleaning our beautiful environment, the SKI students were challenged to collect as many recyclable bottles as they could, in the hopes that we could make a palpable difference and ensure these items didn’t end up in the landfill.  There were gift certificates from Michael’s Burgers, at the airport roundabout, for the weekly winners who collected the most recyclables, as an added incentive.  But the students truly showed how inspired they are to make a difference, both today and tomorrow, in how well they responded to the Recycle Challenge.  Throughout the month of February, students collected and submitted over 19.000 individual pieces of recyclable material!  This speaks volumes about how invested the children are in making their world a cleaner place in which to live and grow.   


                                                OVERALL CLASS WINNERS -- GRADE 4

                                           OVERALL INDIVIDUAL WINNER - KIM-DAVID COLLINS

                                             SPECIAL MENTION - CAMILLE HOBSON-HEWITT             

SKI Academy Science Fair 2019

Valentine's is for Science Lovers!! The 2019 Science Fair was held at Windsor University School of Medicine on Thursday, Feb. 14th.  All the students from grade 2 - 8 participated and put on a great showcase of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics projects and presentations for our students and families.  Seven esteemed judges had the challenging task of determining the class winners, who are as follows: 

Grade 3:   1st Michael and Ashley         2nd Joel                           3rd Vlad

Grade 4:   1st Sara and Abhi              2nd Marielena                     3rd Mariza and Camille

Grade 5:   1st Gabriella                    2nd Nya                            3rd Marlin

Grade 6:   1st Azaria                       2nd Shawn and Nile               3rd Maria

Grade 7:   1st Chirag and Jay             2nd Isabelle                        3rd Nile and Aiden

Grade 8:   1st Andrew                     2nd Isabella and Brooklyne       3rd Carlin


Our overall winners for Top Science Fair Entry were Michael and Ashley for their project on the best colour of clothes to were in the Caribbean!  Congratulations to all our participants, we are proud of your dedication and efforts!  Special thanks goes out to our science fair committee, Mrs, Marcy and Mr. Moar for organizing this awesome event!  


Grade 7 and Grade 8 SKI Sleep Over

The Middle School students had been planning on a school sleep over for the past few months and it came to fruition this past weekend.  The fun began when the 18 students stayed behind after everyone else left for home - the swimming pool was great fun and the games on the flats were highly competitive yet friendly and we welcomed the chance to play an evening game of Man Hunt on the grounds. The students were surprised by how agile and eagle-eyed the teachers were - we found all the students in record time!

Afterwards, we all sat down and enjoyed a wonderful and filling Pot Luck style dinner in the caf.  Thanks to all the families who donated food - it was scrumptious!  A few more games took place before we headed to the classrooms for a little down time before tucking in for the night.  

In the morning we awoke to a glorious sunset and a nice continental breakfast before a wicked game of dodge ball and capture the flag.  Tiredness was beginning to set in by the time parents collected their children at 10 am.  Everyone had a blast and showed a great amount of responsibility throughout the entire event.  We're looking forward to another opportunity to get together before the year ends.  

2019 Sports Day

Success is where preparation and opportunity meet - and this was in full view during Thursday's SKI Sports Day at the Kim Collins Pavilion.  Our student athletes competed for themselves and for their House Teams in a vast array of track and field events throughout the afternoon.  There were thrilling races, personal bests, great music, food and beverages from the PTA, amazing High School student officials and stands full of excited parents and friends! A heartfelt thanks to all the students and staff at SKI for helping to bring this day together – it takes a real team effort to make it all happen.  We all greatly appreciate the leadership and organizational talents of our Sports Day coordinator – a big thank you goes out to our amazing Mrs. A for bringing this all together! 


                                                     FINAL SCORES:
                                            1. Yellow Falcons - 808 points

                                            2. Red Sharks - 643 points

                                            3. Blue Dolphins - 636 points

                                            4. Green Vipers - 634 points


Congratulations to the Yellow Falcons for taking the first place prize!  The Red Sharks, Green Vipers and Blue Dolphins are aiming to unseat them next year!

Dress Down Day and Bake Sale

The SKI Student council hosted the Dress Your Own Way Day and a Bake Sale this past Friday, Jan. 25th.  It was a greatly successful day and everyone had a chance to wear their non-uniform clothes as well as fill their bellies (after eating their lunch, of course!) with all the delicious treats our amazing home bakers and generous families provided.  The student council raised $1191.00 EC to go towards providing purchasing school items.  Thanks to all the parents who supported this initiative and to all the students who purchased Dress Down tickets and baked items!

Grades 7 - 12 Field Trip to Sofa Stone and Timothy Beach



On Thursday, Dec. 5th, the Grades 7-12 took a wonderful field trip to hike in Stapleton area to visit Sofa Stone, an partake in the beautiful vistas afforded by the elevated trail.  It was somewhat arduous for some, but everyone had a chance to cool down when we followed up the hike with a trip to the beach.  Fun in the Sun was had by all and it was a great day of outdoor learning and play!

Intramural Handball Finals

If you don't think our student athletes take their Intramural Competitions seriously...you better think twice!   


Championship Finals: Blue Dolphins VS. Green Vipers - Thursday!!!


Consolation Game: Yellow Falcons 4 VS Red Sharks 1

             Congrats to the Yellow Falcons on their 3rd place finish!

4th Annual Holiday Charity Drive

"Charity is not just about making a donation...it is about making a difference"     Kathy Calvin.


Greetings SKI Families, 

We had an enlightening and touching experience this morning when delivering the many donations of food and toys to our sponsor families around the island and want to send our heartfelt thanks to all of you who supported this initiative.  Your spirit of giving was incredible; as you can see from the picture of all the items collected!  These gifts will go a long way to bringing smiles and peace of mind to some very needy families this holiday season.  On behalf of Micky W., our good-works community supporter, and everyone at SKI Academy, we say THANK YOU!!

A big shout out to our Student Council who organized this effort and helped wrap, transport and deliver the gift baskets - thank you SKI students!!  We would also like to thank the PTA for their support in this effort as well as our volunteer drivers today: Moses and Eliza, Carla, and Katie.

SKI Student Excels at National S.T.E.M. Fair

Allondrae Fyfield-Browne, from the Grade 10 class, made himself, and his school, very proud during the awards ceremony for the 1st Annual St. Kitts and Nevis S.T.E.M. Fair (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math).  Every school in the nation participated and over 100 students registered projects for the event which showcased how they integrate STEM skills and knowledge not only in the classroom but in everyday life.  Entries were rated by a panel of fifteen judges and projects were judged in a wide range of criteria from presentation of the display, to accuracy and innovation.  The STEM Fair awards ceremony took place Tuesday, Nov. 13th and Alo took home three major prizes for his project on Aquaponics:


1st Place overall: Science Category

1st Place overall: Project Presentation

2nd place overall: Upper Secondary Project


Besides the public recognition of his outstanding science project, Alo received monetary awards of $200 US and $350 EC.  As well, he received a schoolbag with external batter charging capabilities, a passage on the Scenic Railway, and a beautiful medal and certificate.


SKI Academy is very proud of Alo and his accomplishment - congratulations Allondrae!


Another member of our SKI family who was a big winner at STEM was our very own Ms. Warner-Paul!  Ms. Warner-Paul was on the steering committee and played a very important role in engineering this event.  She was given special recognition for her dedication by the Permanent Secretary during the awards ceremony.  Well done Ms. Em!!


S.K.Y.C. Youth Sailors do SKI Proud!

On Friday, November 9th, the Youth Sailing Team from the St. Kitts Yacht Club, departed for St. Martin to compete in the 13th Annual SOL Optimist Championships 2018 regatta.  The excitement was palpable as the gear and luggage were stowed, for this competition marked the first time any SKYC Youth Sailing team had competed outside of the federation.  Our five young sailors: Marielena, Marlin, Leilani, Isabella and Zak, were eager to test their mettle against twenty six of the best youth sailors from St. Martin, St. Bart’s, and Antigua, and they did not disappoint. The coaches have worked diligently over the past few months preparing our sailors and honing their techniques and skills.  Much to the delight of the families and friends who came out in support, several sailors finished in the top ten in individual races.  More importantly though, each of the SKYC youth sailors put forth a courageous effort in light of the fact that the race days were much longer than previously experienced and the competition, fierce.  As an acknowledgement of the generosity of spirit and positivity exuded by all of our club’s youth sailors, they were, as a team, awarded the Sportsmanship trophy for their efforts!  It just so happens that all 5 sailors are SKI Academy students and made us all proud with their dedicated efforts! 

Halloween Spook-tacular at SKI!

As a way of celebrating the Western tradition of Halloween, our students were invited to come to school in costume and partake in a parade where awards were given to each class for Scariest Costume, Best Homemade Costume, Play the Part Award and Funniest Costume.  Afterwards, the students enjoyed travelling from class to class to partake in themed activities and games.  A ton of fun was had by all!!

Pink Shirt Mufti Day for Breast Cancer

Friday, October 26th saw the schools of St. Kitts and Nevis dress in Pink Shirts for Breast Cancer Awareness.  SKI Academy participated and raised a grand total of 826 EC that is being sent to SKB Reach for Recovery, a cancer awareness and research initiative here on the island.  

At the end of the photo session we all took a moment of silence to reflect and many students identified the fact that cancer has touched their lives in some way and that this debilitating disease needs to be eradicated.  Thanks to all students for their donations!  At the end of our photo session, we all had a giant game of freeze tag before heading home for the weekend.  

New English and Math Textbooks at SKI Academy!!

SKI Academy is very excited to introduce new Math and ELA textbooks in our grade 1 -6 classrooms.  The new Prime Math Books are based on standards from curricula in Korea, Singapore, and Hong Kong, while the Active English texts are a wonderful compliment to our current resources.  Both texts are being made available immediately and include workbooks for students to employ as well as coursebooks and other resources.  These new books will prove invaluable as students aim to not just meet, but exceed, standards.  

2018 Children's Home Fun Run and Walk

On Saturday, October 6th, many of our SKI Academy Families came together to help support and raise funds for the St. Christopher's Children's Home during the 8th annual Family Fun Walk and Run.  This important local event was held at the Royal St. Kitts Golf Course and everyone enjoyed a great get together at the conclusion of the fitness portion of the day.  A big thanks goes out to all our families who came out to enjoy the day and to support the Children's Home!

"Minute to Win It" Friday Fun!

All the students and teachers came out to the Tennis Court to be introduced to the Student Council and to have a little fun during the last period of the day.  Mrs. A and the council organized a ton of fun games and activities so that the students could challenge each other in games such as speed chess, basketball toss, ball and spoon, cup stacking and many, many more.  It was a lot of fun and we want to give a shout out to the council on a super successful first event!

SKI Academy Spelling Bee - 2018 Edition

As soon as the date for the SKI Spelling Bee was announced a few weeks ago, the students in Grades 1-6 became engrossed in their word lists, vying to become the school champs!  After many exciting rounds of intense competition, we had our winners:

      Grade 1-3                                          Grade 4-6

1st Place:   Brody Warner (G3)                  1st Place:  Rahul Chinnaswamy (G6)

2nd Place:  Krithik Wadhwani (G3)               2nd Place: Gabriella Schreiber (G5)

3rd Place:  Joel Butler (G3)                      3rd Place: Jeleyna Estrella (G4) 


We invite all of our SKI families and friends to come out on Thursday, October 25th to help support Rahul as he represents SKI Academy at the Annual National Spelling Bee, held at the ECCB Auditorium.  We have been very successful in the last few years and wish Rahul the best of luck!!

SKI Academy and Nevis Int'l School Soccer Match and BBQ!

A great time was had by all this past Saturday, Sept 29th, when Nevis International Secondary School football team and their supporters came across the narrows to play a friendly against the SKI Academy team.  After the game, the players from both sides got together for some additional games, a BBQ and to forge new friendships.  The spirit of camaraderie was plainly evident and we look forward to returning the favour when we visit Nevis in a few weeks.  SKI won the match, but all students and families were the real winners on this fun and friendly day!

Grade 8's Making Sorrel Juice with Mr. Judah Fari

Mr. Dore's Grade 8 students had an opportunity to make some sorrel juice with Mr. Judah last week and to actualize the concept of 'farm to table' sustainability.  The sorrel was grown in the school's organic garden, harvested, and prepared in the school staff room.  The students all had a job to do in order to prepare the juice before enjoying the fruits of their labour!  Big thanks goes to Mr. Judah for teaching us all about the process and the benefits of this wonderful drink! 

Grade 5 Field Trip to See Petrogryphs

Currently, in Social Studies, the G5 students are learning about

the indigenous people in St. Kitts and Nevis and by extension, the Caribbean.  St. Kitts is home to rock carvings otherwise known as petroglyphs, made by the Kalinago dating back to roughly 545 A.D. Seeing the petroglyphs enables the students to form a connection with the indigenous people who once inhabited St. Kitts.  They viewed the two which are most well known and are found on a rock on the left hand side of the road leading to Wingfield Estate (once the home of Earl Romney, but now housing the beautiful Caribelle Batik factory).  



All the students and staff concluded St. Kitts and Nevis Independence Day festivities this past week with a cake an ice-cream treat as well as some fun outside.  We all showed out patriotism by wearing flag colours and Kittitian and Nevisian shirts! 

2018-19 SKI Academy Student Council Representatives

Congratulations to SKI Academy's 2018-19 Student Council Representatives.  We are looking forward to another year of dedicated service in the interest of promoting student activities, academics and achievement!  


President / Grade 8 Rep: Isabella Andrea

High School Rep: Jacob Beck

Grade 7 Rep: Chirag Gouda

Grade 6 Rep: Yasmin Hiranandani

Grade 5 Reps: Isabella Thompson & Zara Skerritt

Grade 4 Reps: Johan Perkins & Mariza Chevozerova

Lower Elementary Reps: Marielena DePedro & Jesse Jalan & Ersheen Duggal