Located on the beautiful and vibrant Caribbean island of St. Kitts, SKI Academy is a grade K-12 International School where students are able to appreciate and develop a bright vision of the future, a willing spirit to do better and the determination to contribute to the world around us.


We are a progressive, Canadian-based, cross-curricular school that offers a rigorous academic and social environment.  SKI Academy produces intellectually disciplined students who actively apply skills and knowledge to guide their beliefs and actions.


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Upcoming Events at SKI Academy:

Tuesday, Sept 11th: High School Parent Orientation Meeting @ 3:00 in SKI

                      Under 15 Soccer Practice - 4:30 @ Flow Grounds 

Monday, Sept 17th: National Hero's Day - School closed

Tuesday, Sept 18th: Parent Orientation at SKI 3:00 pm in homeroom classrooms

Wednesday, Sept 19th: Independence Day - School Closed 

Thursday, Oct 4th: Grades 1-3 Spelling Bee

Friday, Oct 5th: Grades 4-6 Spelling Bee   

Saturday, Oct 6th: St. Christopher Children's Home Family Run and Walk 3-6 pm  

Dear St. Kitts International (SKI) Academy Parents, Guardians and Families,


On behalf of all of the teachers, staff, and more importantly, your family at SKI, I want to welcome you to the 2018-19 school year!  We have all been hard at work this summer and are currently at school planning and preparing to make this the best school year yet, and we are all looking forward to September 3rd when we welcome your children to our learning community.  


We are now in our 17th year at SKI Academy, and we are proud of everything we have accomplished together over the years.  Not only have we seen an appreciable growth in student achievement and a renewed commitment on both sides of the desk, we are most proud of the fact that our students have dedicated themselves to making their school, our nation of St. Kitts, and the their world in general, a better, safer, more enjoyable environment for all.  We are proud of our joint commitments to rear decisive and dedicated citizens of both today and, most importantly, tomorrow.  On behalf of all of us, I wish to extend a huge debt of gratitude to you all for helping your children be able to realize their potential and to spur them on to even greater heights - the world needs more of you both!


SKI Academy is looking forward to another engaging year of academic, social and emotional progression and we are elated to have a few new additions join our corps of SKI ‘vets’.  Of course, most of you will be familiar with our returning staff:

Grade 1: Ms. Marva Woodley

Grade 2: Mrs. Lauren Dorsey (nee Fox)

Grade 4: Mr. Shaun Dorsey

Grade 5: Mrs. Terry-Ann Mahon-Fazio

Grade 6: Mrs. Emileta Warner-Paul

Grades 7-10 Social Science: Mr. Jeremy Moar

Grade 5-10 Science: Mrs. Marcy Tzivion

Grade 1-8 Art: Mrs. Carmen Skelton

Grade 1-8 Spanish: Senora Patricia Romaguera

School Secretary and Admin. Assistant: Mrs. Nicole Berry

Phys. Ed. and Health/ Vice Principal: Mrs. Nadine Andrea

Principal: Mr. Joel Andrea


We are equally pleased to complement our programming with the following new staff members who will add their zeal for both learning and teaching as they join us on our journey:

                Kindergarten: Ms. Leland Darby

                Grade 3: Ms. Janey Gough

                Grades 7-10 Mathematics: Mr. Adetowubo Adesupo

                Grades 7-10 English: Mr. Will Dore


Please join us on Friday, September 14th from 5-6 pm, as we host our Parent Orientation Session at SKI, to discover more about all we offer as a holistically centered school.  You will have an opportunity to hear about policy, expectation, and fulfillment as a parent at SKI Academy as you are invited to explore what a ‘Day in the Life of your Child’ is like at school.


Finally, as fixed as the stars are in our SKI, our school’s aim is for a life with purpose; one resplendent in the endeavour as we chart a course to the sky, the stars, and beyond.  Won’t you join us?



Mr. Andrea



Memories of 2017-18

It’s spring cleaning time and our Junior Student Council, along with all SKI students will be hosting a Used Goods Drive. For two weeks, running from June 11th- 22nd, students are asked to bring in any used goods they have and as a school, SKI Academy will be donating all items to our community members in need. There are a wide variety of items requested such as:

clothing (all sizes), linens, towels, footwear, toys and books. As always, we look forward to your support for such a wonderful event.

Happy Cleaning,

SKI Junior Student Council



Latest SKI News...

Recycle Challenge: March 12-26

We are delighted to provide an opportunity for our students to engage in the ultimately important community activity of recycling.  We challenge all our students and their families to bring their plastic bottles, aluminum products and corrugated cardboard to SKI where it will be picked up by Admiral's for processing.  Please, no glass bottles.  To date we have collected over 1400 individual recyclables!!!!  Go SKI, and keep making htis beautiful island even more so!!!

Leap into Reading: A Success Story!

Our Leap into Reading Read-a-Thon was an AMAZING success! We are so incredibly proud of the students for their dedication to literacy! A big THANK YOU to all of the students, teachers and parents for all of your support in helping to make our read-a-thon so successful!  


Total Money Raised: over $13,400US!!



Class who raised the most money: Grade One! 

Student who raised the most money: Brandon                                                   Brisbane! 


Grade One: $3,397.08 US 

Grade Two: $1,836.61 US 

Grade Three: $3,193.61 US 

Grade Four: $2,662.71 US

Grade Five: $466.37 US

Grade Six: $1,236.87 U

Grade Seven/Eight: $590.39 US 


Total Minutes Read: 65,738 minutes!!



Class who read the most minutes: Grade Six!

Student who read the most minutes: Jay Mulkanoor!


Grade One: 5,299 minutes (Goal: 4,200)

Grade Two: 7,693 minutes (Goal: 5,440)

Grade Three: 8,752 minutes (Goal: 6,120)

Grade Four: 9,177 minutes (Goal: 6,160)

Grade Five: 7,813 minutes (Goal: 6,720)

Grade Six: 12,714 minutes (Goal: 7,200)

Grade Seven/Eight:7,438 minutes (Goal: 7,200)

Teachers: 6,852 minutes (Goal: 5,760)    

CENpos Track and Field Team


The SKI Academy Track and Field Team is all set for CENPOS Private School Track Meet tomorrow at Kim Collins Pavilion.  Best of luck to all competitors - you have already done yourselves proud by giving forth such a dedicated resolve to betting yourselves athletically!  Go Team!!!

7/8 Field trip to Shadwell Estaes

Grade 7/8 Field Trip to Shadwell Estates, home of the Skerrit Family

The students of Grade 7 & 8 enjoyed a visit to the family home of Dr. Lisa Skerritt, a 250+ year old heritage home that is currently being restored to a semblance of it's former glory.  Students learned of the historic, cultural and architectural significance of this home, one of the oldest in St. Kitts and the region.


Nevis Field Trip a Great Success!!!

     The students and staff of Grades 4-8 enjoyed a wonderful visit to our sister isle, Nevis, on the last day of Term 1 and visited some very important historical sites including the birthplace of our very own Alexander Hamilton as well as the Nevisian Heritage Village.

     A fun and exciting boat ride took us all to the island and the ministry of education buses collected us at the boat terminal and escorted us all around this beautiful island.


CONGRATULATIONS goes out to Tahiyat Chy who represented SKI Academy with grace and poise as she finished tied for 2nd place overall in the national Spelling Bee last night at the ECCB!  We are all very proud of Tahiyat and her efforts - she is truly a SKI champion!!

SKI Academy SPELLING BEE Results:

    Grades 1-3 

1st Place: Brody Warner

2nd Place: Joffrey Estrella 

3rd Place: Brandon Brisbane


    Grades 4-6

1st Place: Tahiyat Chy

2nd Place: Isabelle Esdaille-Hensley

3rd Place: Rahul Chinnaswamy


Please see the Pictures of SKI Academy Events page to see more! 

All the students of SKI Academy were out to help clean the beach by "Snapper" this past Tuesday.  We collected hundreds of pieces of plastic and trash that were either in the sea, or on their way to the sea.  By taking actual steps to ensure our water ways and beaches are clean, we are all lending a hand to keep St. Kitts and Nevis beautiful! Thanks to the parents for giving support and to the students at SKI who are always willing to be responsible citizens of this, our one Earth!

The students and staff are getting ready for an evening of song, dance, comedy and more at the 2018 SKI Academy Talent Show to be held at Splash in the Royal St. Kitts Resort on Wednesday, March 28th.  Auditions are taking place at SKI next week and they will determine performers and acts.  Each class will also be performing, so each and every student will get a chance to be a star in the spotlights!  See you there!

New Rock Climbing Wall at SKI Academy

The students are greatly enjoying the newly installed rock wall that was put in place by good friends to the school, Pastor Brandon Grayson an his friend Matt. We look forward to further developing the wall in the very near future!













2018 SKI Academy Science Fair

February 15th @SKI Academy

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Come check out the amazing projects and experiments created by our wonderful science students!

2018 SKI Academy Sports Day

February 2nd saw the students of SKI rise to the challenge in friendly, yet fierce, competition in a great number of track and field events.  Congratulations goes out to all students for putting forth a great effort and also to the families and friends of our school who came out to support our student athletes! Special congrats goes out to the Red Sharks who took home the trophy as top House Team!!  Results are as follows:

1 st Place --- Red Sharks

2nd Place ---Yellow Falcons

3rd Place ---Green Vipers

4th Place --- Blue Dolphins  

Delivering Gift Baskets

Thank you to all our SKI families, students, teachers, and PTA for helping us help our community!  Our recipients included a mother of seven who lost everything in a fire a few weeks ago -the children have only the clothes on their backs; A recent stroke victim with four young children including a toddler; a mother of three who suffer from cognitive disabilities; a desperately needy mother and her 11 children; and many more.  All  were extremely grateful for your donations and concern.  Thank you SKI community!!!


SKI Academy's Season of Giving Toy and Food Charity Drive begins Monday, Nov. 13th and extends to Dec. 1st.  New toys and non-perishable food items are being accepted at the school and will be delivered to some needy Kittitian families in time for the Holidays.  What a wonderful opportunity for our children to INVEST THEIR LEARNING OF CHARITY IN A VERY TANGIBLE FORM!


8th Annual Children's Home Walk and Run takes place Saturday Nov. 18th.  Registration begins at Royal St. Kitts golf course at 3:00 pm.  The event begins at 4 pm.  See you there!!!

Grade 2 enjoying a healthy break with Mrs. A!

Student vs. Family Friendly Football Match


Saturday, Jan. 27th saw the SKI Academy primary football team challenge their parents and families to a friendly match.  The students pulled out a dramatic, one goal victory and handed defeat to the parents!  Congratulations to the team!  The event concluded with BBQ and lime for all attendees and the presentation of awards.  A great time was had by one and all!!

With the damage being wrought throughout the Caribbean by the latest round of storms, SKI Academy Jr. Student Council initiated a campaign to help bring supplies to the peoples of Dominica.  DRESS YOUR OWN WAY DAY, which took place on Sept 29th. was a rousing success with students collecting a whopping total of

$3247.87EC showing Dominica that we really care!!!