School Fees 2022-2023




Please note that the Ministry of Education is asking all schools to adhere strictly to the age cuts offs.  Therefore, students entering PreK must be 4 by Dec. 31, and students for Kindergarten must be 5 by December 31.  No exceptions can be made.


Fee Structure-Local (St. Kitts and Nevis passport holders only only)

PreKindergarten to Grade 4 =$ 1 2,285 EC per school year

Grade 5 to Grade 8 = $ 13,500 EC per school year

Grades 9 & 10 = $ 15,570 EC per school year

Grades 11 & 12 = $ 16,310 EC per school year



Fee Structure- Expatriate (Those who are not St. Kitts and Nevis passport holders)

Kindergarten to Grade 4 = $ 15,120 EC per school year

Grade 5 to Grade 8 =  $ 17,145 EC per school year

Grades 9 & 10 =  $ 19,750 EC per school year

Grades 11 & 12 = $ 20,690 EC per school year


Siblings: A 10% sibling discount is offered to families with more than one child at the school.  The discount will be applied to the latest child enrolled.  The sibling discount does not apply to children in our high school program.


Additional Fees:

Uniforms: Students are responsible for purchasing their own uniform shirts through Sun Island clothes.



Hot Lunch: The cost of hot lunch is $15.00EC per day.   Students must sign up for the month with Ms. Berry (


After School Program: Our After School Program will be held each week, Monday through Thursday from 3:30pm to 4:30pm, at the cost of $250.00EC per term, per day selected.  Students must be signed up in advance for the program.


Tuition Policy


St. Kitts International Academy relies on the timely and regular payment of tuition fees by families.  


Registration Fees:

There is an annual $200EC registration fee for your child due before the close of each academic year to ensure a spot for your child the following year. 


Tuition Fees:

Please ensure that you have selected one of our two payment options:  1) Payment for the year in full 2) Three annual payments (Elementary & Middle School) or two annual payments (High School) made in full before the start of each term.  In order to ensure the continued financial stability of our school, the following policies regarding payments are in place.


 In order to guarantee a classroom placement, tuition payments must be made prior to the beginning of the school year and before each and every semester/term. Students leaving the term early or starting a term late are responsible for the entire term’s fees.


Deadlines for Tuition Payments:



Elementary & Middle School

August 1

November 15

March 30


High School

August 1

February 1


 If payment is not received in accordance with these policies, your child will not be able to attend school. 


 Tuition is at a reduced cost for local families.  In order to qualify for this reduction, at least one parent, as well as the student applicant, must hold a valid passport from St. Kitts and Nevis.  Passport holders from CARICOM countries are not considered to be “local.” Expatriates are all applicants who are not St. Kitts and Nevis passport holders, and will be charged the non-local or expatriate tuition rate.


 Additional Fees:


Ø  Hot lunch program.  Parents are encouraged to sign their child up on a monthly basis for ease of billing.  Accounts will be directly charged.

Ø  After School Program.  The after school program costs roughly $250 EC per term,  for each week day your child is signed up for. Children are billed for an entire school term.  There will be no refunds or make-ups for missed classes.


 High School Courses:

If, for any reason, a student needs to repeat a class or take courses beyond the required 30 credits, there will be additional fees added to your invoice.


 Payment Information:


Please note that St. Kitts International Academy does not accept cash payments.  All school purchases must be paid by check at the school, billed to the student account, or paid for by making a deposit into our account at National Bank (account number 10128039).   Please send a copy of the receipt to the school.


The school will send monthly invoices/receipts to each family that has an outstanding balance at the beginning of each month.  Payments should made by the due date on the invoice or a late penalty of $100EC per month will be accrued.  Invoices outstanding for more than three months will result in your child being removed from the school program. No report cards will be issued, and your account will be turned over to legal counsel.


Account Inquiries


Account inquiries should be directed to and cc’d to