Welcome to the 2022-2023 Photo Gallery!

Student Council's Spirit Week


In October our Student Council hosted Spirit Week.  This annual event allows students to showcase their creativity through the ensembles they put together on the various days.  This week the days were: Pajama Day, Anything But a Bag Day, SKI Day, Throwback Day and Wacky Day.  It was a fun-filled week!

International Day of Peace

Each year we celebrate the International Day of Peace which is a United Nations event.  The purpose of this day is to bring about peace in our world by drawing awareness to what it means to be more peaceful. The theme this year is End Racism. Build Peace.  We invited parents to join us to stand for peace by forming a human peace sign on our playing field.  We all wore which which is the color of peace.  In addition, students created postcards to spread the message of peace and distrusted them within our community.   A highlight of the day was having SKI mom, Natalia, share her passion with us with Heart Math Training.  This helps students learn to find clarity in approaching stressful situations with clarity, confidence and compassion through breathing exercises.  All students took part in these sessions and were eager participants.  Finally, we made a video about being more peaceful as a school.

Independence Celebration


S.K.I. Academy was pleased to host our Independence Celebration called, "SKI Rock Your Colors Independence Concert."  What better way to honor and celebrate our Independence than with a celebration full of cultural perfoamces.  Special thanks to our awesome emcee, Enoete Inanga, who kicked off the event by playing the National Anthem on his trumpet.  This was followed by amazing performances from the St. Christopher Steel Band, Mr. Phipps (a drummer) from the Ministry of Culture, a Masquerade Troupe, Nicha B. and the Mocko Jumbies.  Parents were invited to join us for the celebration and it was a truly memorable event.  

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The new school year is upon us! our entire team worked to ensure we had a very smooth opening of the school year.  We happily greeted students on September 5th.   Immediately there was excitement in the year as we kick off the school year with the theme:

"Great Things Happen Here."  Stay tuned to see those great things that happen at SKI right here in our photo gallery!