After School Program

SKI Academy offers a range of activities from 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm Monday through Thursday each week. Each term will see a new selection of fun, interesting and challenging teacher-led activities for students to choose from. Our After School Program will cost about $210EC per activity per term.  There are no make ups or refunds for missed days.  Accounts will be billed directly for the after school activities.


Please note that parents are responsible for pick up from SKI Academy promptly at 4:30 PM after which time a late fee of $10.00 EC per 10 minutes (or any part there of) will be charged.  Students not picked up promptly at 4:30 PM will be supervised by our security guard until they are collected. 


Activities start week 2 of the term.



After School Programs
Term 1




Homework Club with Ms. Marva (Grades K-12)
Let Ms. Marva provide your child with some extra support with their homework on Monday afternoons.


Scrabble Club with Ms. Terry & Ms. Marcy  (Grades 3 and up)
Scrabble is not only a game; it is a tool for learning. Playing Scrabble


·        Incorporates strategy and spelling 


·        Develops skills in anagramming and vocabulary


·        Enhances mathematical capabilities through the continuous adding of scores


·        Is fruitful experience for ESL students




So come join Mrs. Marcy, Mrs. Terry and all of your friends in a game of Scrabble after school.




Play a game that will improve your spelling, vocabulary, strategy and mathematical skills.






Fine Motor Club with Ms. Ellie (Grades K-2)
Come and join our fantastic club. It is for ages K to year 2. We will focus on fine motor skill development through lots of fun. Be prepared for loads of creative play ideas and lots of messy challenges.  Space is limited to 10 students


Espanol Fiesta with Senora Francis (Grades 3 and up)
Learn more about the Spanish culture through games, songs, dances and other fun activities.






News Crews with Ms. St. Pierre & Mr. Dore (Grades 4 and up)


Come document our school’s awesome year! Write, photograph, create and have a say in our school’s newspaper. NEW: special sections on arts and literature.


Fun on the Flats with Ms. Emileta (Grades K & up)


Was your day hectic from all that classroom juggling?  Then the answer to that is…..


“FUN on the FLATS”!  Meet us every Wednesday for just one hour.  We will clear your mind  from the stress of the day and and prepare you for the next days ahead.  Games! Games! Games and more Games!






Photography Club with Ms. Megan (Grades 2 and up)


Smile, say cheese… Click!  Whether you enjoy taking photos or being in photos in this club we will work on taking pictures for yearbook as well as for our own enjoyment!  We will also spend time learning about how to edit photos with basic editing apps and programs. 


**Students must bring their own device to capture pictures.  Devices can be stored in the office or Miss Megan’s Classroom until it is time for class




French Club with Ms. Gough (Grade K-6)


Bonjour! Are you interested in learning another language? Come join Ms. Gough after school and have fun learning the foundations of the French language. Participants will partake in a variety of games and activities while learning about French culture. Don't forget to bring your beret!



A.S.P (After School Program) in Action!