After School Program

SKI Academy offers a range of activities from 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm Monday through Thursday each week. Each term will see a new selection of fun, interesting and challenging teacher-led activities for students to choose from. Our After School Program will cost of $15 EC per day. Our SKI Academy Teachers will be hosting each of the eight after school activities for this term, which are listed in more detail below.  In addition to the eight activities we will also be offering the option for students to use the computer lab at lunch time for homework help with Mrs. A on Mondays and Wednesdays from 12-12:40 free of charge.  We have one outsourced group that will be offering a “Good News Club”.  Please see below for details. 


Please note that parents are responsible for pick up from SKI Academy promptly at 4:30 PM after which time a late fee of $10.00 EC per 15 minutes will be charged.  Students not picked up promptly at 4:30 PM will be supervised by our security guard until they are collected.  The After School Program will be included on your monthly invoice for the days your child participated.



Spring Session – May 7th - June 20th



Monday Programs


The Games We Used to Play with Ms. Emileta and Ms. Woodley

K-8, Maximum Members 30


Have you ever wondered what historical games were played before internet games?  Here’s a chance to find out. Join in the fun!  Learn and play games children once played before online gaming.  Join in the outdoor fun with spin top games, circle games, marbles and more!


Debate Club with Mr. Dore

G5-12, Maximum Members 18


Each week, the Debate Club will tackle a topic or topics relevant to not only the students' immediate surroundings but the outside world, as well. Students will improve their public speaking and exercise reasoning while working with friends. Younger grades will debate each other, and as they improve can challenge themselves to debate an upper grade team! 



Tuesday Programs


Painting with Ms. Terry and Ms. Gough

G3-12, Maximum Members 20


Come and show what you can do with your paints and brushes.  Mrs. Terry and Ms. Gough will be hosting painting for this term's After School Program.  Each week, you will be given a different picture to paint. We will guide you and show you techniques, from painting beach scenes with brushes to bringing to life beautiful flowers with q-tips. Come and bring out your inner artist and end your school day with laughter, chatter, and paint!  Materials needed: Your own paints (acrylic) and paintbrushes


Yoga with Ms. Darby

K-12, Maximum Members 20

Come to this club for a fun way to learn and practice the many different poses of yoga! It will be playful way to build your mindfulness and flexibility.



Wednesday Programs


Comprehensive Computing with The Dorsey's 

G2-12, Maximum Members 15 (and more if you carry your own device)


Join Mr. and Mrs. Dorsey on Wednesday afternoons to build your computer skills. During this seven week program, you will practice your typing skills, explore PowerPoint presentations and develop your researching skills using the internet. Space is limited due to the number of computers, but if you have your own computer that you would like to bring, feel free to do so! This program is a great way to enhance your computer skills while having fun with a variety of creative tasks. We hope to see you there! 


Math Club with Mr. Ade

G6-12, Maximum Members 15


SKI-Academy Math Club is back! And its much more fun. Activities will include

·  Math Art

·  Games

·  Math Jeopardy

·  Homework assistance

So if you want to have fun and get smarter while at it, then sign up the math club and meet us on Mondays in Math/High School Room.




Thursday Programs


Good News Club with Pastor Brandon

K-12, Maximum Members 20


The Good News Club focuses on the following Christian based themes: Introduction; Songs; Bible Memory Verse; Bible Lesson; and Outdoor Games

The Grayson’s teach Bible lessons and emphasize what Jesus taught - we are to love Him and all people, sharing the good news that He is the way, truth and life, and treating everyone with love and kindness. There is also a moral highlighted such as making good choices, telling the truth, and teaching right from wrong.


Music Club with Mr. Moar



Are you interested in playing an instrument? Or perhaps you have a guitar in your room, collecting dust? Why not bring it in and join Mr. Moar's Music Club! This program is open to all students and instruments, regardless of skill level. Each week we will be working towards refining our music skills with the goal of playing songs together as a group. While we will touch on basic music theory, our ultimate goal is to play and HAVE FUN! 




Weekly Chart of ASP Activities 








Ms. Woodley /         Ms. Emileta

Mr. Dore

The Games We Used to Play! 

Debate Club










Ms. Terry / Ms.           Gough

Ms. Darby




Painting Club


Yoga Club





Mr. & Mrs Dorsey


Mr. Ade







Comprehensive Computing Club 

Math Club 




The Grayson's


Mr. Moar




Good News Club


Music Club


A.S.P (After School Program) in Action!