After School Program

SKI Academy offers a range of activities from 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm Monday through Thursday each week. Each term will see a new selection of fun, interesting and challenging teacher-led activities for students to choose from. Our After School Program will cost of $15 EC per day. Our SKI Academy Teachers will be hosting each of the eight after school activities for this term, which are listed in more detail below.  In addition to the eight activities we will also be offering the option for students to use the computer lab at lunch time for homework help with Mrs. A on Mondays and Wednesdays from 12-12:40 free of charge.  We have one outsourced group that will be offering a “Good News Club”.  Please see below for details. The track team will be training after school with Mrs. Andrea at no charge, parent volunteers for this club are most welcome!


Please note that parents are responsible for pick up from SKI Academy promptly at 4:30 PM after which time a late fee of $10.00 EC per 15 minutes will be charged.  Students not picked up promptly at 4:30 PM will be supervised by our security guard until they are collected.  The After School Program will be included on your monthly invoice for the days your child participated.



Winter Session – January 14th – March 28th


     Monday Programs:


Fun on the Flats with Mrs. Dorsey

K-8; Maximum Members: 30


Join Mrs. Dorsey on Monday afternoons for some fun in the sun – on the flats! We will be playing a variety of active organized games that promote teamwork, strategy, sportsmanship and having fun! If you enjoy running, playing, and having fun with others then Fun on the Flats is the after-school program for you! We are guaranteed to get super sweaty while having a fun-tastically good time!


Handwriting Practice and Improving Writing Skills with Ms. Woodley

K-5; Maximum Members: 20


When it comes to handwriting sometimes more practice is not what a child needs but the “right practice”.

With the “right handwriting practice” in the early grades can make the difference to each child's handwriting. 


Math Club with Mr. Ade

Gr. 7-12; Maximum Members: 20


Lunchtime Extra Help with Mrs. Andrea

K-12; Maximum Members: unlimited


As offered each term, Mrs. Andrea will continue to open the computer lab at lunchtime to assist any student with any subject requiring guidance.



      Tuesday Programs:


Yearbook Club with Ms. Terry

Gr. 3-12; Maximum Members: 20


Hey SKI!  Want to write your very own yearbook article?  How about interviewing teachers, students and classes? Care to test your skills behind a camera?  Then come and join Ms. Terry on the yearbook committee.  YOU write the articles!  YOU take the pictures!  YOU give the ideas!  Be part of something BIG!


Portrait Art with Ms. Gough

Gr. 3-12; Maximum Members: 20


Do you enjoy drawing?  Have you ever tried drawing a person’s face? In this club you will not be drawing actual people, but learning to draw the human face and form. We will start with face shape, facial features, hair, then figure. As we grow and develop together as artists we could branch out to fashion and design.  Come give it a try!


Sport Skills Introduction with Ms. Emileta

K-2; Maximum Members: 20


This club offers K-2 students the opportunity to practice their skills learned in P.E. in order to move up to the next steps of playing team sports.  Each session will focus on drills and skills of a sport, and the second half to learning rules of the game and a playful scrimmage.  The primary focus is on learning on how to play on a team, and then the importance of drills for skills.  Utilizing SKI Academy’s tenets of fair play and sportsmanship students will learn what it means to be a “team player” and how to lose and win well. This club focuses on a different skill set and sport each week.  Every week focuses on fair play and sportsmanship!



              Wednesday Programs:


Theater Group with Mr. Dore

Gr. 5-12; Maximum Members: 20


For one hour each week, students will indulge their theatrical side through improvisational and theater games, as well as challenging themselves to write and perform scenes. Depending on how far students are willing to challenge themselves, we may even perform a longer, scripted scene. This is open to students from grades 5 through 12.


Do You Want to Play Cards? with Mr. Dorsey

Gr. 1-12; Maximum Members: 20


Join Mr. Dorsey as he teaches card games. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn the rules of many different card games and have a chance to play them as well. Take these new games with you to your next playdate, family trip, or even sleepover and spend some quality time playing engaging card games with friends and family. Who needs fancy gadgets? 


Lunchtime Extra Help with Mrs. Andrea

K-12; Maximum Members: unlimited


As offered each term, Mrs. Andrea will continue to open the computer lab at lunchtime to assist any student with any subject requiring guidance.



       Thursday Programs:


Yoga with Ms. Darby

K-12;  Maximum Members: 20


Come to this club for a fun way to learn and practice the many different poses of yoga! It will be playful way to build your mindfulness and flexibility.



Good News Club with the Grayson’s

K-5; Maximum Members: 20


The Good News Club focuses on the following Christian based themes: Introduction; Songs; Bible Memory Verse; Bible Lesson; and Outdoor Games

The Grayson’s teach Bible lessons and emphasize what Jesus taught - we are to love Him and all people, sharing the good news that He is the way, truth and life, and treating everyone with love and kindness. There is also a moral highlighted such as making good choices, telling the truth, and teaching right from wrong.


Music Club with Mr. Moar

Gr. 6-12; Maximum Members: 20



Varying Days

Track Team with Mrs. A

Gr. 2-12; Maximum Members: 30


The track team will have try-outs in the first week of school in January.  The Sports Department has yet to send the information regarding age and sports for the CenPOS championship thus the groupings for try-outs has yet to be determined.  The sports usually included are: track (80m, 100m, 150m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1200m, 1600m – all depending on age) cricket throw (which is more a run and throw) shot put; long jump. Most importantly, this is a great opportunity for students to challenge themselves and get to participate in an inter-school meet.  It provides both experience of track meets and the spirit of competition.  Participation in a try-out is also a great experience for students because here at SKI Academy we learn how to win and lose well!




Weekly Chart of ASP Activities 







Mrs. Dorsey

Mr. Ade

Ms. Woodley

Fun on the Flats! 

 Math Club Handwriting Practice










Ms. Terry

Ms. Gough

Ms. Emileta




Yearbook Club

Portrait Club

Sports Skill Intro





Mr. Doar 

Mr. Dorsey







Theater Club 

Card Club 




Ms. Darby 

The Grayson's

Mr. Moar




Yoga Club

Good News Club

Music Club







A.S.P (After School Program) in Action!