Student Code of Conduct

SKI Academy students are expected to subscribe to the following rules and regulations while attending school and representing the school in the public domain.  


~ Listen to and respect all adults in the school community

~ Listen carefully to all directions

~ Walk quietly through the hall and on the gallery

~ Tell the truth at all times

~ Take pride in your work and always do your best

~ Treat others as you would like to be treated

~ Respect other students and their property

~ Respect the school property and environment

~ Be kind, polite and considerate of others

~ Share with everyone and take turns

~ Practice good sportsmanship

~ Invite others to play with you

~Use appropriate words to solve problems

~ Pupils treat each other and visitors with courtesy and consideration


On the Playground

Share equipment and playground areas


Equipment should be used for their intended use only


Include others in games and activities


Talk out problems – use your problem solving skills


Always use appropriate language


Play safely and fairly-indoors and outdoors


Maximum of two people allowed on the tire swing at any given time


Stop, look, and listen when a direction is given


Get permission from an adult to leave the area


Play nicely, no rough play 


In the Lunchroom

Walk at all times


Be respectful of all adults and children


Pay attention to all directions from adults


Include other children if they are alone


Use a quiet, polite voice and use proper table manners


Get permission from an adult to leave the lunchroom and always use the buddy system


Respect what others are eating


Eat what is provided for you - no wasting of food


Clean up after eating


Sit nicely until it is time to move to the next area



Bring a healthy, nutritious lunch to eat!

During Lessons

Be equipped and ready for class


Concentrate on the task at hand


Do your best work and take pride in your work


Listen and show respect when someone else is talking


Follow directions at all time



When working in groups, listen attentively, give your best suggestions and help each other