St. Kitts International Academy was established in September 2001. The school was a dream and realization of Dale Amory who wanted to open a school that offered an alternative to the education systems already available in St. Kitts.   Since 2012, SKI Academy is proud to have Windsor Medical University as our parent organization.  The school is currently housed on a beautiful four acre property with state of the art classrooms and it's own in ground swimming pool, multi-purpose / basketball court, tennis court and soon to be completed leveled pitch. We provide an International Liberal Arts Curriculum at the elementary and middle school levels. At the high school level students graduate with an Ontario Secondary Schools Diploma.  Our priority is to provide a safe and nurturing learning environment for the students entrusted to our care.  Parent-teacher partnerships are a key component to our educational program.

Mission Statement


SKI Academy uses a holistic approach to education where fundamental life skills are integrated into a rigorous curriculum that is rich in academics. Our program will emphasize the development of strong personal skills in leadership, citizenship, social decision making, problem solving, critical thinking, health and nutrition, healthy physical living, environmental issues and a wide range of topics that will create global citizens with a highly developed emotional intelligence. All this will be accomplished in a carefully planned comfortable, safe and nurturing environment that provides for emotional, physical and intellectual development.


Our goal is to instill into each child a lifelong love of learning and the compassion to reach out to those around them. With an internationally based staff and student body our school will celebrate the diversity of all cultures and beliefs. With respect for all individuals, acceptance is encouraged regardless of one’s gender, race, religion, culture or ability. Students will be encouraged to understand and respect other people and to develop a sense of responsibility towards the world at large.

Classroom Setup

With our rapidly growing enrollment , our classrooms from Kindergarten to 8 are  single grade classes.  



Each classroom contains either a smart board touch screen TV or an overhead projector system linked to the teacher's desktop computer.  Each room is connected to the internet and enjoys air conditioning.  Most classroom environments are arranged into work centers according to subject area and students have access to many learning resources.

Teaching Environment

In order for self-directed learning to take place, the whole environment is supportive of learning. The teacher provides the necessary resources and material, allowing the children to work in a safe and positive climate. The teacher gains the children's trust which allows the children to try new things and build self-confidence. There are a set of ground rules  - respect for each other and respect for the environment. The school focuses on the following characteristics of the children in this age group: 


  The growing ability to work          abstractly 

  The drive to be accepted          by the peer group

  Children's fascination                with all aspects of their        world.


We are a non - denominational based school which entertains celebrations from all corners and cultures of the world.


Assessment of performance is based on a systematic collection of information including:


observations by teachers           and parents

portfolios containing                 examples of work

test scores


end of term report cards


All files are confidential and accessible only to parents, who receive written progress reports at regular intervals. 

The test of whether or not the system is working lies in the accomplishment and behavior of the children, their happiness, maturity, kindness and love of learning.