SKI Academy High School Program

Mission Statement


St. Kitts International (SKI) Academy provides a carefully planned, comfortable, safe and stimulating environment which will help the student develop within themselves the foundation of habits, attitudes, skills and ideas that are essential for a lifetime of creative thinking and learning. The primary purpose is to prepare students to become responsible and compassionate citizens striving for their best in academic excellence.

Program Delivery

    SKI Academy’s high school program is offered in partnership with Ontario’s Virtual High School (VHS). The high school program uses a combination of both VHS and locally developed content delivered both face to face by SKI Academy teachers and virtually by VHS teachers. The majority of grade 9 and 10 compulsory courses are delivered face to face by SKI Academy teachers using VHS content. The grade 11 and 12 compulsory courses are delivered virtually by VHS teachers with an onsite teacher available to assist students on a daily basis. Elective courses are either delivered face to face by SKI Academy teachers or through VHS teachers, depending on the electives chosen by the student.

Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) Requirements

Each successful candidate must complete the following 3 requirements in order to receive their Ontario Graduation Diploma.  


1.  Successful completion of 30 courses (including 18 designated as compulsory).

2. Successful rating on the English Language Proficiency Assessment.

3. 20 hours of community related activities.


Each requirement is detailed in succession below:



1. Successful completion of 30 Course Credits:


Compulsory Courses:


French (or other preferred second language)





Arts (Dance, Drama, Media, Music, Visual Arts)

Health and Active Living


Career Studies

Additional Courses (chosen from the groups below)


                              Total compulsory credits

                           Elective credits to be taken        


Number of Credits:

4  (1 per grade)


3  (G9 & G10 plus 1 in G11 or G12) 








3 (see Additional Course Options, below)


18 credits as required by MoE, Ontario

12 credits chosen by the student to satisfy their personal preference

                                       TOTAL CREDITS    30  


Additional Course Options:

Students must take 3 credits consisting of 1 from each of the following groups:

Group 1: additional credit in English, or French as a second language, or a Native language, or a classical or an international language, or social sciences and the humanities, or Canadian and world studies, or guidance and career education, or cooperative education.

Group 2: additional credit in health and physical education, or the arts, or business studies, or French as a second language, or cooperative education

Group 3: additional credit in science (Grade 11 or 12), or technological education, or French as a second language, or computer studies, or cooperative education.


2. Successful Rating on the English Language Proficiency Assessment (OSSLT)

     All students are required to meet the secondary school literacy graduation requirement in order to earn an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). The requirement is based on the expectations for reading and writing throughout the Ontario curriculum up to and including Grade 9.  The purpose of the secondary school literacy graduation requirement is to determine whether students have the skills in reading and writing that they will need to succeed in school, at work, and in daily life.


     To meet this requirement, students are expected to take and successfully complete the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT) in Grade 10. Once students have successfully completed the OSSLT, they may not retake it.  Students who do not successfully complete the OSSLT will have additional opportunities to meet the literacy graduation requirement.


3. 20 hours of Community Related Volunteer Activities

In order to develop a sense of civic responsibility and community values, students at SKI Academy must complete a minimum of 20 hours of Community Involvement prior to graduation.


·   Community Involvement is a graduation requirement for an Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

·   School staff will discuss appropriate types of Community Involvement activities and projects with students and may offer suggestions, but the selection and management of the involvement is to be directed by the student.

·   All activities before commencement must be recorded in the Student Log Book and approved by the school office.

·   Activities may take place inside or outside the school; those which occur inside the school may not be part of a credit program, but are at the discretion of administration. 

·   Activities may take place during the school day, but must occur outside the student's scheduled course time, that is, during the lunch hour, or before or after classes.

·   Student fundraising, and acting as a student assistant, tutor, or peer helper or mediator within the school all qualify as Community Involvement activities.

·   Volunteer activities, tutoring, fund-raising, coaching, or other work with community groups or charitable organizations all qualify as Community Involvement, as long as the student is not paid for the work done.

·   Independent activities in the community may count, such as visiting, helping out, and picking up groceries or supplies for an elderly or disabled neighbour, etc. Documentation must be received from the community member, and no payment of any kind may be received for these activities.

High School Policy Manual
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Please download our new policy manual for students in grades 9-12.

Tips for Success with our VHS program
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HS Program Conditions
This is an essential read for all incoming and current high school parents so you are aware of what is expected of you and your children over their high school career.
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VHS Required Courses
This is a detailed look at the course requirements for the Ontario Secondary Schools Diploma.
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