To the St. Kitts International Academy Family,


On behalf of the dedicated St. Kitts International Academy team, I want to welcome you to the 2019-20 school year!  While I know many of our colleagues, parents and students, allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Krista James.  I worked at St. Kitts International Academy when it was still run out of the original location in Wades Garden about eleven years ago, when I first arrived on the beautiful island of St. Kitts.  I worked several years at Immaculate Conception Catholic School as the Business & Development Administrator. For the last six years I have been the Superintendent of the Ross Preparatory School here in St. Kitts.  I am truly delighted to return home to St. Kitts International Academy and to have the opportunity to work with the entire school community to make our school the best it can be!


We are now in our 18th year at St. Kitts International Academy.  As a school community we are proud of everything that has been accomplished to date.  Combining our bright students, talented staff and dedicated parents, and working diligently together, I see a very bright future for our learning community.  We look forward to continuing to develop our students into life-long learners and responsible citizens, who will make a big difference in this world.  Through a joint partnership between home and school if we support our learners, exhibit kindness and compassion and a sincere willingness to work together our future will be bright. 


We have a dynamic group of teachers to lead our students in 2019-2020 and beyond.  We have a lot of new initiatives in place.  We have worked on a more robust, international curriculum in the areas of Language Arts and Social Studies.  We are striving for academic excellence by implementing more detailed descriptors in our grading system and implementing Honor Roll and Principal’s List.  We are celebrating academic achievements in the form of Kindergarten, 8th Grade and High School graduation ceremonies.  Many favorite events from our past like Donuts with Dad, Muffins with Mom, our annual Independence Celebration, International Day of Peace and many new activities have been added to our calendar. 



Our promises to you this year include:


-New curriculum initiatives that encompass previous standards yet enhance our program to more international standards


-Revised parent/student handbook


-Increased communication


-Revitalizing the PTA Executive Committee and introducing room parents; thus creating more ways for parents to be involved in our school.


-Celebrating and encouraging academic achievement (Honor Roll/Graduation)


-New technology initiatives



I would like to thank the entire facilities and housekeeping team for all of their hard work this summer.  The entire campus has been repainted and all classrooms have beautiful accent walls.  Each color represents the colors on our star.  In addition several new work spaces have been created.  The Kindergarten and Grade 11/12 room had complete renovations and look amazing.  New signage has been installed throughout campus as well.  The crisp look and feel has the entire team excited to welcome the students back to school!


As much as I promise increased communication, please know that I also value face to face meetings.  I welcome opportunities to meet and talk with students and parents.  We look forward to providing a safe and nurturing school as well as ensuring we provide a challenging and diverse curriculum. I look forward to meeting our students and parents and working with our team to make this year the best year yet at St. Kitts International Academy! 





Krista L. James