Dear St. Kitts International (SKI) Academy Parents, Guardians and Families,


On behalf of all of the teachers, staff, and more importantly, your family at SKI, I want to welcome you to the 2018-19 school year!  We have all been hard at work this summer and are currently at school planning and preparing to make this the best school year yet, and we are all looking forward to September 3rd when we welcome your children to our learning community.  


We are now in our 17th year at SKI Academy, and we are proud of everything we have accomplished together over the years.  Not only have we seen an appreciable growth in student achievement and a renewed commitment on both sides of the desk, we are most proud of the fact that our students have dedicated themselves to making their school, our nation of St. Kitts, and the their world in general, a better, safer, more enjoyable environment for all.  We are proud of our joint commitments to rear decisive and dedicated citizens of both today and, most importantly, tomorrow.  On behalf of all of us, I wish to extend a huge debt of gratitude to you all for helping your children be able to realize their potential and to spur them on to even greater heights - the world needs more of you both!


SKI Academy is looking forward to another engaging year of academic, social and emotional progression and we are elated to have a few new additions join our corps of SKI ‘vets’.  Of course, most of you will be familiar with our returning staff:

Grade 1: Ms. Marva Woodley

Grade 2: Mrs. Lauren Dorsey (nee Fox)

Grade 4: Mr. Shaun Dorsey

Grade 5: Mrs. Terry-Ann Mahon-Fazio

Grade 6: Mrs. Emileta Warner-Paul

Grades 7-10 Social Science: Mr. Jeremy Moar

Grade 5-10 Science: Mrs. Marcy Tzivion

Grade 1-8 Art: Mrs. Carmen Skelton

Grade 1-8 Spanish: Senora Patricia Romaguera

School Secretary and Admin. Assistant: Mrs. Nicole Berry

Phys. Ed. and Health/ Vice Principal: Mrs. Nadine Andrea

Principal: Mr. Joel Andrea


We are equally pleased to complement our programming with the following new staff members who will add their zeal for both learning and teaching as they join us on our journey:

                Kindergarten: Ms. Leland Darby

                Grade 3: Ms. Janey Gough

                Grades 7-10 Mathematics: Mr. Adetowubo Adesupo

                Grades 7-10 English: Mr. Will Dore


Please join us on Friday, September 14th from 5-6 pm, as we host our Parent Orientation Session at SKI, to discover more about all we offer as a holistically centered school.  You will have an opportunity to hear about policy, expectation, and fulfillment as a parent at SKI Academy as you are invited to explore what a ‘Day in the Life of your Child’ is like at school.


Finally, as fixed as the stars are in our SKI, our school’s aim is for a life with purpose; one resplendent in the endeavour as we chart a course to the sky, the stars, and beyond.  Won’t you join us?




Mr. Andrea