2021-2022 School Year

Friday Fun-Day


April Break is upon us!  It has been a busy year so far.  We've observed our Covid protocols doing all in our power to keep our learning community safe.  As the Federation is in a wonderful position with regard to our Covid numbers, we relaxed some of our protocols for a super fun day!  The campus has been buzzing with excitement from a visit from the Easter Bunny to a bouncy castle and class movies.... everyone is having a blast!  What a fun way to head off into a two-week vacation!

St. Patrick's Day


A little luck goes a long way!  We were hopeful to find some Leprechauns with magical pots of gold on campus.  Instead we found lots of green people!  We had a fun day celebrating St. Patrick's Day!

'Trash to Fash' High School Activity


The high school students had a projects in which they had to recycle materials to make their own clothing.  They then put on a mini fashion show in their classroom!  The students really got to showcase their creativity and made some awesome ensembles!  Paris run ways....here SKI comes!

Social Studies Fair


Each year we alternate hosting a Social Studies Fair & Science Fair.  This year was our second ever Social Studies Fair.  Students select a topic from one of following categories: Geography, Sociology, Current Events, Historical Events, Historical Sites and Cultural Traditions.  They then work on their topics for several months gathering research and meeting deadlines.  The final presentations are done in front of their class.  This year our Fair was virtual, however we made recordings to share with families.

Valentine's Day


Spreading love is always a great thing.  So we took time out to celebrate Valentine's Day by wearing red, white and pink and expressing kindness to all around!

Holiday Time


The Holidays are always fun.  In anticipation of the winter break, students had a relaxed day of fun and activities.  Included were making crafts and wearing holiday themed clothes.



Halloween is always an awesome day to experience the creativity that our students have.  This year was no different.  We got to experience the fun-loving side of our students and enjoy the sights in our Halloween parade.

Spirit Week


The Student Council sponsored Spirit Week to boost school spirit and to see the creativity of our students.  The week was a lot of fun!  The days were: Wacky Day, Pajama Day, Dress-Up Day, and Throwback Day!


International Day of Peace

'Pinwheels for Peace'


Each year we celebrate the International Day of Peace and stand for peace with students around the globe.  This year we also participate in 'Pinwheels for Peace' in which all students on campus made pinwheels that were placed all around campus and spun in the breeze spreading peace.  As an international, diverse school - teaching peace is a key component of our Social Skills curriculum.

Independence Day


While we miss many of our favorite activities from years past such as our "SKI" Rep Your Colors Concert and presentations from cultural performers, we were just happy to be together to learn in person and wear our colors!

The 1st Day of School


We are excited to be back in school to learn and grow together.  Covid has given us our fair share of challenges but these smiling faces say it all!